Why people don’t like poetry?

This essay is inspired by some of the recent comments in this post. And it made me think: why  people really don’t like poetry? What is it that keeps them away from maybe not writing, but fro…

Source: Why people don’t like poetry?

You can not force poetry on someone

But still when the magical words the way you put in subject may attract more or less, more effective if it hit the core of his heart somewhere and connects to his being.  Its like a piece of advertisement which you can’t ignore to see.  And when you see it force you to connect with the product. Like you are alone and want to be alone. You are humming your piece of poetry. Suddenly your voice attract somebody, you are in no mood to be disturbed but a beautiful girl appear. And sit behind you. Your mood changes. Subject changing the object ‘the Mood’. Its like that.


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