A story I want to share

I just tell you a story which I read somewhere and forget the author name

A guy sitting in a bar, broken and disheartned with A lottery chart in his hand. 

All of a sudden a shabby, beggar looking guy appears in front of him and said just one peg I will help you to solve this lottery puzzle. He agreed.

After consuming that he gave one piece of paper and said I have mentioned the numbers in it you have to play accordingly and put money as  mentioned in the chart and when you are plus stop playing. Come next day to play again like on and on. And that beggar left the place.

After one year the same man who is now a millionaire sitting on the same table appears to be much disturbed than earlier. The beggar came again and said the money you want you have If am not wrong. Now that rich guy thanks very much for that chart you have given me. Money is no problem for me. But I was so involved in this gambling that my married life is in problem. I love my wife and I can’t live without her. She filed a divorce . And going to marry with one of my friend.

Beggar said just one bottle of scotch I will solve your this problem also.

He said OK

Beggar put that bottle in his bag and said “Give that gambling chart to your friend”


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